Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blow Out Your Candles


The hand with the lit match is beautiful, but as usual, the Clone Snowmen have replaced her. See how beautiful the hand is? I don't know if I should post this picture in black and white or color. You should feel the flame. The Clone Snowman replaced my Birthday Girl with a much less interesting creature in this odd Glass Menagerie.

For a second, I wanted you to think of the melancholy almost inherent to the work of Tennessee Williams--especially that line, "Blow out your candles." Then I don't want to think about Tennessee Williams. I want you to think about celebrity and film.

But then we're back to Tennessee Williams, who got it right: Hollywood stuck its projector through our collective imagination and directed us to worship at the altar of half-baked royalty, American style.

You see the Snowman in the picture? But he looks to be made of porcelain or metal. He's not melting though he might glow. Yes, yes, "Blow out your candles." This scene might turn to comedy.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I like this very much. Definitely right to have the photo in black and white.